Basic Food Group is the music ensemble Todd created in 1986. Since 1993, the trio includes: Steve Boyles & Rik Sferra.

We employ rock trio instrumentation to investigate new combinations of musical genres. Compositions are scored in detail with sections allowed for improvisation. Over time the work is "pureed," that is, reworked and rearranged by the entire band, with elements of the music scrambled and shuffled, and new influences added. 

Approaching it as if we were playing electric chamber music, each piece might include combinations of latin, reggae, rock, punk, funk, avante-garde or classical forms. The music has three equal parts, with each instrument playing a different, often non-traditional role. We intend to challenge ourselves and the audience through the twisting of familiar genres into new hybrids.

Please visit the BFG website for more information, to listen and download music and scores.

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